Riding Gear

I don't think I have to explain why I wear All The Gear All The Time™. I'll do anyway. Before I started riding motorcycles really fast, I was riding recumbent bicycles pretty fast. I could easily sustain speeds well over 50 km/h, sitting 15 cm from the road surface. One day, in a very easy corner, my front wheel just broke out. Somebody left some gravel on the road. I had to remove pieces of gravel from my elbow and thigh, some of which were stuck in my bones. So I kind of know what road rash feels like. It's okay at first, but it will start to burn after about an hour. Disinfecting the wounds is even worse.

Anyway, this means I needed some good gear when I started riding motorcycles. Spent loads of cash and got myself some Hein Gericke gear. I've used the same set for years now. But the pants were pretty uncomfortable during long trips because of badly designed knee pads and the jacket didn't have enough pockets for hidden weapons. So I needed new gear for this trip and went to a dump store. Bought new stuff for one third of the price of my original gear. During the rainy test trips in The Netherlands this cheap gear was actually more comfortable than my original Hein Gericke armor. During the hot days however, I found out why the cheap gear sounded like trash bags. It's because the inside is made of exactly the same black plastic. Water resistant, yep. Not very effective in transporting heat outwards. I went back to Hein Gericke and got myself some proper gear.

Road Rash
Road Rash

In case I have to explain myself again. Not me by the way.

Helmet: Schuberth C3
Schuberth C3

There's no substitute. It's light, quiet, stylish matte black and hugely comfortable. It's expensive as fuck, and it's worth it.

Boots: Alpinestars Gore-Tex
Alpinestars Gore-Tex

I've worn them for the past two years just about every day. Only the velcro is starting to wear out. Very comfortable stuff. Highly recommended.

Jacket: Hein Gericke Tourist
Hein Gericke Tourist

Full of the right CE protectors, plenty of pockets and pretty good ventilation. It's very easy to wear despite its weight. I do feel that it has been made with little more buff in mind, so I kind of feel like a coat hanger at times.

Pants: Hein Gericke Summit
Hein Gericke Summit

To make sure the pants don't ruin the trip this time, I went for adjustable knee protectors and suspenders to keep them from sagging. Looks a little silly. Like I care.