As an amateur photographer I'd love to take my big Canon SLR with me, along with some nice L glass and a sturdy tripod. But this is a motorcycle trip and weight is everything. So I had to put aside my previous conviction that compacts just plain suck, and went shopping.

The camera needed to do a few things well. It had to have a pretty good lens, it had to do video and GPS support would be really nice. Canon used to have really awful compacts, especially the early PowerShot and IXUS models. I used to sell those as a teenager. It's only the last few series that have been acceptable. And with this one, they've become sublime. For a compact, that is.

It takes some getting used to. Especially the lack of a viewing ocular still bothers me. It's hard to keep the thing horizontal. I've bought a little Gorillapod just in case.

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS

For those epic on-board footage thingies you see on TV, I got myself a GoPro Hero HD last year. I still have it and it's just absolutely awesome. Glued to the side of my helmet, so you'll get a nice view like you're riding pillion.

The thing is dirt cheap, water resistant and has a battery that last for ages. It can record video up to 1080p. The user interface is clunky, but usable.

Audio is pretty good for a little thing like that. It tries to filter out wind as much as it can. Too bad my windscreen generates way more turbulence than it can handle.

GoPro Hero HD
GoPro Hero HD