I've never really lived in a tent for a month. This stuff is what I think I need. Light, durable and not way too expensive. That's pretty much what I went for. Some of the gear is still left over from the unnecessary junk I bought back in 2008 for my first trip to New Zealand.

Tent: The North Face Vario 23

Pretty good tent. I think. Light as a feather and looks pretty sturdy. Never slept a single night in it, but it has gone around the globe with me (literally).

Plenty of protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects. I'm just kind of worried about camping in the rain. I'm sure it's water proof from the top. That's not what worries me.


I'll bring a light and warm Lafuma sleeping bag with me. It should be okay to sleep in until just above freezing. Because of the heat in most places, I think I'll be using it as a pillow most of the time.

Because I don't like to sleep on the ground unless I'm absolutely wasted, a self inflating mattress is a part of my kit. It's just for insulation, not for comfort. Comfort is overrated.

Feeding myself

Honestly, I don't know how. I'll just eat whatever I come across. Unless it's illegal of course. I don't know if eating humans is illegal in Finland. I have to check.

To butcher the human carcasses ease the consumption of acquired food I went all banzai and bought myself some ex-military kitchen gear. Folding cutlery, a plate and even a folding cup. Cheap as fuck, durable and it looks cool.

I've got two 1.5 L canteens for water. That should suffice. It's not the Sahara I'll be crossing.