Well, me, obviously. I guess it's only fair to tell something about myself to make this whole thing a little less interesting. My parents call me Joris, the Internet calls me jorrizza and people who don't speak Dutch should just call me George. Pronunciation is a bitch. At the time of writing I'm 24 years old. More or less. I live in Rock City, the Netherlands.

Because killing people for money is illegal unless you sell your soul to a government, I've become a software engineer. The company I work for, CodeVentures, is proudly sponsoring this trip by giving its only employee the whole month off. Boy, I do love this company. Mandatory Ballmer reference

I've been riding motorcycles non-stop since the beginning of 2011. I don't even know how to drive a car. Before I learned how to ride motorcycles, I learned how to jump off of high things without killing oneself using parachutes, bungee cords, ropes and the occasional pterodactyl.

I've got some other hobbies that are mildly interesting and hugely illegal. I'll refrain from mentioning those on this site to make my future border crossings and business dealings a little less awkward.

If you're convinced you've got something worth telling me about, feel free to send me an email. HTML and top posting will not be tolerated! If you're lucky I'll ignore you. If not, well, read the previous paragraph again.

Joris Himself